When gonorrhea has gone on its own

If we get diagnosed with gonorrhea we always treat the patient. The PCR tests we use give us confidence as they are exceptionally sensitive and precise. But I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog that sometimes these INFECTIONS WILL DISAPPEAR ON THEIR OWN! Another Dutch study has shown that on average about 1 in 6 […]

Getting tested for STIs reduces HIV risk

En este estudio, calcularon que 1 en cada 20 casos de VIH se pudo evitar detectando gonorrea o clamidia y erradicándolas con antibióticos. Tener gonorrea o clamidia en el recto o cuello de útero incrementa el riesgo del VIH si te expones a este virus también. Of course, most rectal and cervical (in the cervix) […]

Gonorrhea, no new antibiotics

There are many reasons why we’re seeing little effort in the clinical development of new antibiotics to treat gonorrhea. As I’ve mentoned elsewhere, this bacteria is beginning to become resistant to the older antibiotics like ciprofloxacin or azithromycin, and we’re left only with the injectable ceftriaxone. Here you can find a nice summary that explains […]

What is PCR?

PCR tests to detect HIV and other sexually transmitted infections