Syphilis tests


Do you have symptoms that make you think you could have syphilis? Or have you had sex with someone who has told you they now have syphilis?

Since not all syphilis tests are reliable, I’ve selected the best technique there is to give you peace of mind.

Can I do this test now, should I wait, how precise is it? Where can I get tested, how long do results take, can I get some guidance from the doctor?



Infection detected: syphilis

We use this test to answer two possible questions:

(1) Whether my symptoms are due to syphilis

(2) Whether I have syphilis without showing symptoms

Technique used: IgM & IgG anti-syphilis (Treponema pallidum) antibody test

These antibodies are present in blood even before symptoms show and that’s why this test will detect cases that old-fashioned tests don’t pick up (such as VDRL, RPR etc).

Test performance & window period: This is, without a doubt, the best syphilis test.

  • If you don’t have any symptoms of syphilis and are doing this test as part of a check-up, I recommend you wait at least 1 month from the last sexual contact.
  • If you are showing symptoms compatible with syphilis then there is no need to wait, and can get tested straight away. You can always get my opinion before tests if you prefer.

Queries? WhatsApp and we’ll write back

Type of test: blood sample

Results available in: as our laboratory PCR machines are overwhelmed right now, results may take up take up to 7 working days. But in the majority of cases we will get the results back to you before this.

Where do I get tested?: When you purchase this test you will asked to choose a laboratory from more than 100 possible centres around Spain where your blood will be taken.