Tests for throat infections


This package has been designed to detect all of the sexually transmitted infections we see in the throat when you have given someone oral sex. In more than 99% of these infections the person has no symptoms but this PCR test is the best way to detect them.

Can I do this test now, should I wait, how precise is it? Where can I get tested, how long do results take, can I get some guidance from the doctor?



Infections detected: gonorrhea, chlamydia & Mycoplasma genitalium in the throat

Technique used: PCR (nucleic acid amplification test)

  • The PCR test is without a doubt the best for detecting these infections
  • The machine looks for the bacterial DNA, and if it finds it, it then makes millions of copies to give a positive signal. This is how it can detect even low levels of bacteria.
  • This test is designed to look for the three infections mentioned. If the laboratory thinks it is necessary, either to speed up the processing of your sample or for clinical reasons, they may broaden the test to include DNA from other bacteria we sometimes see in the throat. If this occurs, you will not have to pay anything extra and we’ll review the final results together.

Test peformance & window period:

  • If you have no throat symptoms, I recommend you wait 14 days after the last sexual contact before doing this test to achieve optimum detection
  • If you have a sore throat, you can get tested straight away without delay

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Type of test: throat swab*

*If you prefer you can take the sample yourself. It may surprise you to know it’s easy and painless. I’ll explain how to do it when I send out your test request form. The laboratory personnel will be there to help you too.

Results available in: as our laboratory PCR machines are overwhelmed right now, results may take up take up to 7 working days. But in the majority of cases we will get the results back to you before this.

Where do I get tested?: When you purchase this test you will asked to choose a laboratory from more than 100 possible centres around Spain where your sample will be processed.