The 10 day HIV test


If you think you may have been at risk from HIV just a few days ago, this test can help you.

It looks for the virus’ genetic material and can therefore detect very early infections. In recent studies it has been show that if we wait 10 days following a sexual contact before doing this test, it will essentially detect almost all HIV type 1 cases (this is the HIV strain we see in Europe).

Can I do this test now, should I wait, how precise is it? Where can I get tested, how long do results take, can I get some guidance from the doctor?



Infection detected: HIV- early detection of HIV-1 by PCR

Technique used: HIV-1 by PCR

(also known as an HIV viral  load test)

Test performance & window period: In order to achieve greater than 99% detection I recommend you wait at least 10 days after the last sexual contact before undergoing this kind of test. With conventional tests you would have to wait at least a month, so with our test you will get results much eariler.

This test employs PCR technology for ultrasenstive detection levels. It is therefore the way they routinely monitor blood donated for transfusions. In my experience, it has been an extremely useful tool for HIV detection when antibodies have still not appeared in blood.

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Type of test: blood sample

Results available in: as our laboratory PCR machines are overwhelmed right now, results may take up take up to 7 working days. But in the majority of cases we will get the results back to you before this.

Where do I get tested?: When you purchase this test you will asked to choose a laboratory from more than 100 possible centres around Spain where your blood will be taken.