1 month HIV test


If you think you may have been at risk for HIV we have an HIV test available that you can do just 1 month following the sexual contact. This is because it is not just an antibody test but also looks for viral proteins we see early on in the infection.

In practical terms, this test has now replaced the old fashioned tests where it was necessary to wait 3 months before getting tested.

This test is the one they call “4th generation HIV test” or “antibodies with p24 antigen”.

Can I do this test now, should I wait, how precise is it? Where can I get tested, how long do results take, can I get some guidance from the doctor?



Infection: HIV

Technique: antibody and p24 antigen test

(also know as a 4th generation ELISA test)

Test performance and window period: Exquisite detection levels if 1 month has gone by since the sexual contact.  If this test is done before that the result may be suboptimal.

This test is called “4th generation” or “antibodies with p24 antigen”. There is a version of test that gives you a result in just 20 minutes, but they are no longer recommended by health authorities as a way of detecting early infections – recent studies have shown that these rapid tests are not good at early HIV detection. You can read more about this in my blog here.

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Type of test: blood sample

Results available in: as our laboratory PCR machines are overwhelmed right now, results may take up take up to 7 working days. But in the majority of cases we will get the results back to you before this.

Where do I get tested?: When you purchase this test you will asked to choose a laboratory from more than 100 possible centres around Spain where your blood will be taken.