It was interesting to read this article about patient satisfaction with telephone based medical consultations in sexual health during the pandemic.

In general, patients considered this service to be adequate to discuss issues with the doctor, but some people complained that they had difficulty establishing a good interpersonal relationship with their doctor. But my experience tells me this always can happen face to face. What I mean is that not all doctors show interest, concern or dedication to their patients, not in a physical consultation or down the phone.

In my own phone consultations, I have learnt to go more slowly, ask directly about patients’ feelings and their reaction as I obviously can’t see them, and also leave enough time and space for questions. It is a source of immense pride for me to read the comments left here, which seem to say that I’m generally getting it right in my telephone consultations.

You can read what my patients have written about me if you click here.

Bittleston H, Goller JL, Temple-Smith M, Hocking JS, Coombe J. Telehealth for sexual and reproductive health issues: a qualitative study of experiences of accessing care during COVID-19. Sex Health. 2022 Oct;19(5):473-478. doi: 10.1071/SH22098. PMID: 35732464.