At the 34th IUSTI congress where I attended remotely this year, Dr. Salmerón from Barcelona presented data on her study to investigate the state of antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea in Spain.

Fortunately, no samples of gonorrhea with high resistance to ceftriaxone, the standard antibiotic for the treatment of this infection, have been detected.

In other countries concerns about resistant strains exist. The level of strains with resistance to azithromycin has soared and casts doubt on its usefulness as an adjunct treatment. That is why I do not prescribe this antibiotic when it used to be so very useful in the treatment of gonorrhea.

Ref: Salmerón P et al Neisseria gonorrhoeae antimicrobial resistance in Spain: a prospective multicenter study. 34th IUSTI Euopean congress on Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV, Bucharest, Romania.