5 years ago I won an national award for Professional Excellence in Healthcare.

Five years ago I won a national award here in Spain for Professional Excellence in Healthcare. Only one person a year is given this honour – I was selected by the council for the Professional Excellence Institute, which was supported by the Ministry of Industry and the Comunidad de Madrid regional government, I was so happy to take part in the gala and receive the prize from the president, professor Antonio Gabriel Pérez i Mateu.

Since then, I always strive to keep the same high clinical standards that were mentioned that night:

  • Protecting time for you – its not just about the 30 minute consultation but also the WhatsApp dialogue, emails and followup calls, as many s my patient needs
  • Human approach – having a sexually transmitted infection is stressful, sometimes having to hide your sexuality, or the fact that you had sex with someone other than your partner. It is often not just about your own health, but your partner’s too.. I will try to be your accomplice through this difficult time, and I would never judge you
  • Clinical precsion – I have a vast knowledge base in this field and every 12 months, after going to the international conferences I can make, I rewrite new protocolos for STI testing and treatment to keep my practice as up to date as possible. If I don’t know what my patient’s diagnosis is, I find the right professionaol to help us.

I was so happy to receive this award, but what my patients write about their experiences is more important to me and you can read their comments here.