We all know that children are more and more exposed to sexual imagery and the effect that can have on the development of their sexuality and their integral sexual health

Sexting is when “sexters” send messages with a sexual content – this could be pictures, videos, of a pornographic nature, and of third parties or the sexter’s own body.

Recently I read this article and thought it could be intersting to stir debate. The study was huge, with more than 8000 adolescents interviewed (between 14 and 18 years of age). sexters, and sexting made for some interesting data………

  • Total sexters: 50% of the population
  • Those having vaginal and anal sex. For every 10 non sexters there were 33 sexters, so more than 3 times likelihood to be having this kind of sex if you are a sexter
  • Thos who got pregant. For every ten non-sexters in this situation there were  29 sexters
  • There was no difference in the rate of STIs or contraception use between sexters and non-sexters

Does this information concern you, thinking of your own children?

Falconer TA, Kauer S, Fisher CM. Sexting and sexual behaviour in Australian adolescents. Sex Health. 2022 Dec 1..