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Why choose Dr. Chapman for tests or a consultation?

I have been doing consultations in sexually transmitted infections for the last 15 years.

Over the years I have seen more than 21,000 patients, giving me a solid knowledge base.

I am registered in the medical college in Asturias, Spain with registration number 332850958.

In 2016 I won a national prize for clinical excellence.

Two years later in 20218 my private practice was awarded a prize for professional quality.

A human approach with my patients is important to me

I am someone without prejudices regarding sex lives or sexuality, and am extremely openminded.

I understand that my patients need maximum discretion and I take all possible measures to guarantee protection of your personal and medical data.

In consultations, I am bilingual (Spanish and English).

I belong to the professional society IUSTI (International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections).

I am the author and presenter of several original scientific publications regarding HIV testing, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia etc.

My work follows EU, Spanish and UK clinical guidlines.

We can do your consultation over the phone or by videoconference

After the consultation you will receive an electronic prescription and a personal medical report for your files.

If we need to do a follow-up of your case, we can have dialogue by phone, video, email or WhatsApp, whatever feels best for you.

And all follow-up is free.

Usually one single consultation should be enough to help you out.

In fact, I can sort out 90% of clinical cases in just one consultation, and around some 95% with a follow-up appointment.

You can get tested for sexually transmitted infections without leaving your local area, by selecting the nearest to your home/work from over 100 satellite laborarories.

You purchase the tests you want in my shop and I send you a form to take to the selected laboratory.

If you’re not sure what tests are right for you I can help with that decision.

Similarly, I can help with the interpretation of your results.

I’ve chosen the best performing STI tests that exist to optimise detection, which means you’ll get solid results.

You can order just one test or complete check-up packages, for example:

  • Highly sensitive PCR tests
  • We can detect HIV just 10 days after a sexual contact without having to wait the normal 3 months
  • Check-up packages relevant to each kind of sex (oral, vaginal or anal)
Member of the IUSTI
Doctor registered in Asturias no. 332850958
Dr. Steve Chapman in a TV appearance

Career path

Expert in sexually transmitted infections now, but it all began with internal medicine in the UK, and a term in the pharmaceutical industry….

Between 1987 and 1992 I was a medical student at Nottingham University, in the UK. I did a further year of research in microbiology, more specifically in chlamydia, for which I was awarded an addtional degree with honours.

Various posts in England, Scotland and Gibraltar in infectious diseases, internal medicine, rheumatology, diabetes, geriatric medicine, the emergency room and general surgery.

Univeristy Hospital Ayr, Nottingham City Hospital, Ayrshire Central Hospital, St. Bernard’s Hospital Gibraltar

I have worked several years in the pharmaceutical industry in various posts:

Clinical reserach: I have designed, monitored and taken part in more than 150 clinical trials and epidemiological studies in the area of cardiovascular, diabetes and antibiotic. I was the physician responsable for trials in a prestigious Danish company with an inhaled insulin.

Marketing activities: media spokesman and responsible for scientific publications.

Drug safety: twice I have worked in this area regarding the scrutiny of drug safety for launched products.

Merck, Astra Zéneca, Aventis, Novo Nordisk

In 2007 I started up my own clinic in Madrid, Spain for the rapid detection and treatment of sexuallly transmitted infections. 20 thousand consultations in a relaxed style, with an openminded and human approach. I opened a second clinic in Barcelona and an online shop that allowed the comfort of getting tested from your own home.

In 2016 I won a national prize for clinic excellence and in 2018 my clinic was awarded a national prize for professional standards.

Original publications in the field of sexual health:

Superior detection of syphilis with the rapid test DETERMINE® compared with combined cardiolipin- and treponemal-specific tests. Chapman S et al Point Care 2015 Sep; Vol 14 (3): 92-94.

Artritis reactiva a infección gonocócica muy atípica: una oportunidad para actualizarse. Chapman S et al. XXXVIII Congreso de la SEMFyC Barcelona 2018.

Detection of pharyngeal and rectal gonorrhea and chlamydia is more common than genital infections with Xpert® CTNG in a sexual health clinic. Chapman S et al. IUSTI world conference Dublin 2018 Poster presentation.

Review of cases of new HIV diagnosis confirmed the same day by Xpert® HIV-1 viral load test in a sexual health clinic. Chapman S et al. IUSTI world conference Dublin 2018 Poster presentation.

Review of HIV risk and PrEP appropriateness in patients who spontaneously requested information about PrEP in a private sexual health clinic in Madrid, Spain. Chapman S et al. IUSTI world conference Dublin 2018 Poster presentation.

Unpublished work in the field of sexual health:

Antibiotics resistance testing of Chlamydia trachomatis: original research in which a new microscale system was designed for cultivating chlamydia to aid antibiotic resistance testing.

Other publications as coauthor:

Anticoagulation of patients with atrial fibrillation in cardiology clinics in Spain: the FAMA study. European Heart Journal Aug 2006 (Conference Paper) 28th Congress of the European Society of Cardiology/World Congress Volume: 27. Aznar J, Llisteri JL, Chapman S., Muñiz J.

During the national crisi here in Spain I decided to put a halt to my work in sexual health temporarily in order to work in a care home for the elderly which had been intervened by the health authorities overwhelmed by Covid 19 positive patients. It has been an experience I shall not forget.

The Covid 19  crisis has caused an explosion with tools availble for remote consultations. Those I have chosen to work with fully comply with data protection laws (data encryption, password protected access etc). If you have a consultation with me, I can assure you that your personal data is correctly managed and can guarantee total privacy. If you live in Spain or Europe, I can send you an e-prescription valid across the EU and the UK.

I work in accordance with Spanish and british clinical guidelines, being vigilant and at the forefront of any of the constant changes we face due to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Dr. Chapman has broad experience in presentations, radio and TV. If you would like to contact Dr. Chapman for interview, chatshows or other media activities, please write to us at media@stevechapman.es

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